WhatLabel is a new anti-stigma clothing and accessories brand based in the UK, which quietly launched on April 2018, dedicated to raising essential awareness around autism, mental health and disabilities – with the hope to use profit from sales and donations to independently fund charities, projects and individuals that are working hard to support families and young people within autism, mental health and disability.



The International Society on Psychology, Counselling and Education (ISPCE) aims to provide a warm and healthy environment to explore and discuss the realms of psychology, counselling, and education. The Society also as aims to act as a bridge for scholarly communication and professional interaction among psychologists, counsellors, and educators around the globe.




Psychological Associates of Central Florida (PAC Florida) provides comprehensive mental health treatment to children, adolescents, families, and adults. PAC Florida takes a comprehensive approach to identifying and treating mental health issues. They take pride of  their relationship with healthcare providers and schools in our community and are happy to collaborate to provide clients with the most complete care available.